SweetHeart Squad

A gaggle of game-makers making weird stuff in Ottawa.

Party, Darling?

A weird & abrasive sci-fi adventure game

A house party turned multi-dimensional murder mystery. Search for clues in a potentially infinite number of procedurally generated mansions.

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A traitor threatens the Shogun in this tense shoot-em-up.

You are a ronin, hired by the Rōshigumi to protect the Shogun on his visit to Kyoto. The only problem is, there's a traitor in your midst.

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Bouncing Balls with the Boing Boing Boys

Bouncy Battles for 2-4 Buddies

Uh oh, the Boing Boing Boys are at it again! Better stay out of the way, the boys brought their slingshots to the bounce room, and someone's bound to get bonked!

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A printable procgen game for 2-4 players

Hack into the mainframe and download top-secret files with this printable cyberpunk board game. Generate new characters and abilities every time you play.

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